Monday, July 8, 2013

bonnaroo 2013

Finally breathing (well, sort of...okay, not really) and trying to re-involve myself in this project. 

snapped by friend/photographer Ian Witlen in bonnaroo artist hospitality

The root of all the madness of the last few months? Bonnaroo. The festival is always an adventure, but none before have been quite as gratifying as this year. I don't know that anything I can articulate can really encapsulate the experience, but I'll share some photos nonetheless.

monday, tuesday, wednesday - the calm before the storm

thursday - leading the first cars into the grounds

thursday through sunday - let the madness begin

every single year at bonnaroo there's some joke that catches on and sticks amongst my friends forever. "baby's first" in 2011, "chippy chap cat nap"...etc in 2012 - things that make zero sense to anyone who wasn't there but still somehow catch on with everyone we know once we get home. this year it was "SUP, hippies?" or "fuckin' hippies" on and so forth. i hear the voices of my little band of freaks yelling it as i type this. 

amazing amazing brazilian brand AHAZE sent me the most ridiculous and wonderful goodie bag for the summer - the highlight of which is the dress i'm wearing here. audrey, one of my favorite human beings of all time, are casually living our lives here during bjork's (UNREAL) set on the main stage. 
left: bjork; right: passion pit

my knucklehead best friend chris krieb is also an extraordinarily talented photographer - here he managed to capture my constant enthusiasm - which is obviously only in relation to the flip phone in  my regular phone was pretty much useless (thanks, sprint) so my company had to get me a burner phone for the weekend. in case you were wondering - typing in t9 word is NOT like riding a bike.


of course, what makes bonnaroo magical is its legendary superjams - every day i sit about six feet from the mad genius (don't tell him i called him a genius) that dreams these things up and make them happen. you should hear his phone calls. 

the first ever superjam to be rooted in hip hop included the likes of RZA, method man and ghostface killah of wu-tang clan (FOREVER <3 <3), chad hugo of the neptunes, lettuce backing up with some serious funk, schoolboy q, and solange - who sang killing me softly and looked goddamn amazing. derek smith, more commonly known as pretty lights, even snuck in to play bass for a song while his former live drummer, adam deitch, kept time behind the kit. 
the real legend of the weekend, though, was saturday night's rock & soul superjam - there's a documentary series coming out soon! - anchored by jim james (my morning jacket) and john oates (hall & oates). brittany howard (alabama shakes) joined in, zigaboo modeliste (the meters) played drums, preservation hall jazz band (potentially the best brass band in new orleans) provided horns, and just when you thought you were seeing the show of your life, you were totally turned upside down. R. KELLY AND BILLY IDOL - unreal. surreal. speechless.

paul mccartney played on friday night - can't even explain. best way i can explain is the fireworks, above, and my co-worker julia's face, below.

drenched co-workers during the tom petty rainstorm

the "whole fuckin' team", my og roo crew, minus a few

my other, even weirder half, jeff weller, caught me in the tito's vodka airstream in artist hosp, acquiring a very necessary bloody mary on sunday morning.

my shirts actually became a reality - beyond stoked

monday night - the world's most absurd staff wrap party

2014 work is already getting done - 339 days to go!

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